The Heart Machine

the heart machine, the debut film directed by Zachary Wigon which Starrs John Gallagher Jr is a movie about romance in these new times. It is about a couple whose relationship only exists via Skype. Gallagher’s idea was to meet his romantic interest when they actually met in person in the movie. Thus, the movie would look very real. However, that didn’t happen. Gallagher went to a theater party and there she was. He couldn’t resist the temptation of approaching her and introducing himself. He said that they clicked off immediately. 

Even though the actor’s plan failed, the relationship portrayed on screen is actually really different. The couple plays a pretty real modern relationship on screen. The movie plays with the audience expectations. The characters seem as if they were out of control. 

The film is about technology and love through the digital age. Along the love story comes the question regarding how technology has affected and changed human relationships. So make sure to watch this film if you are into social media and human interaction. It will actually leave you with more questions to the subject but hey, these are the times we live in. 

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