The Heart Machine

the heart machine, the debut film directed by Zachary Wigon which Starrs John Gallagher Jr is a movie about romance in these new times. It is about a couple whose relationship only exists via Skype. Gallagher’s idea was to meet his romantic interest when they actually met in person in the movie. Thus, the movie would look very real. However, that didn’t happen. Gallagher went to a theater party and there she was. He couldn’t resist the temptation of approaching her and introducing himself. He said that they clicked off immediately. 

Even though the actor’s plan failed, the relationship portrayed on screen is actually really different. The couple plays a pretty real modern relationship on screen. The movie plays with the audience expectations. The characters seem as if they were out of control. 

The film is about technology and love through the digital age. Along the love story comes the question regarding how technology has affected and changed human relationships. So make sure to watch this film if you are into social media and human interaction. It will actually leave you with more questions to the subject but hey, these are the times we live in. 

SnoreMD: you won’t snore again!

Have you ever wondered how are snores produced? If you have, you should know the following:

Snores are the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound caused by obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. In some cases, the sound can be soft, but in other cases, it can be loud and very unpleasant.

Men and women can snore -men on average snore more than women- and they could use a solution to their problem. SnoreMDPro is the name to that solution!

This product is the final solution for those who snore, and don’t sleep as good as they should, due to this problem!

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This SnoreMDPro Review will detail the amazing pros this fantastic product has. To start, we could mention that it can be customized by the user and it can be adjusted to fit the user’s mouth perfectly.


Another important thing to mention is the design. This product’s design is classy, soft and ligth, The material is safe and FDA approved. The product does not require extra tools to be used! Once you buy the product, you can start using it.

The product allows the user to drink while using it, and to breathe through the mouth (in case the user is a mouth breather)

In case you snore, or you don’t snore but you know someone who does, start using or recommend this product now! You won’t regret it! There’s a 30-day guarantee in case you’re not satisfied by the product, and want your money back.


The Language of Lust: prepare to become a sex god!

If picking up girls, dating and sex are not your strongest suit, STOP pitying yourself! You could become the man from every woman’s dreams. You could be the “Mc Dreamy/ Mc Steamy” every single girl wants to have in bed.

If you ever wondered how you could become a sex “guru”, or how to get girls to do things with you (and for you) but you just can’t do it, well…. this is one of all the Language of Lust reviews YOU SHOULD READ!

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Language of Lust is a handbook that provides 33 tips/ techniques for guys that want to up their sexual game (or that want to HAVE a game!). This useful and helpful handbook gives tips and techniques like: how to get girls to have instant orgasms, how to make a girl do things for you (like oral sex) and make her think she’s doing you an awesome gift, how to release the inner animal (and porn star) every woman has inside, how to transform that hot girl friend into more than a friend (only if you wish to stop being her friend), how to have a threesome, how to make a girl’s mind explode without even touching her!

All of the tips mentioned above, among other things, are the techniques that will transform you into the guy every girl wants to have sex with! Girls will throw themselves at you, and you will finally have the sex life you want (and deserve!)

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Ejaculation Guru – improve your sex life

Having problems in bed is not something new for any man, but this doesn’t mean that it is not frustrating. Problems related to premature ejaculation, lasting long enough or any other kind of issue that could be related to sex, can stress out any man, and make him doubt his manliness and his sexual performance.

Lack of confindence and low self-esteem are some of the results that come out of having problems in bed. Frustration can also appear on any man’s partner if these problems appear, and if he’s in a relationship, these issues could end it. Keep in mind that sex is an important part of any relationship to demonstrate love and intimacy, and if this is not happening, things could go vey wrong.


There’s a way to solve these problems and learn a lot more if a man wishes to be the best in bed! This solution is Ejaculation Guru, an online based system in the form of an e-book.

Ejaculation Guru is a product that has to be downloaded in order to be used. After a user purchases the product, no extra charges are required!

The Ejaculation Guru book is a way to learn (among other things) how to last longer in bed, how to control orgasms, how to become an expert at foreplay, knowing if size does really matter or not.

A man can learn how to last up to 60 minutes in bed using Ejaculation Guru! This is a lot if he has problems controlling his orgasms.